If you are looking for the information how to improve the productivity of your employees, you have found the right place. We are pleased to offer a modern and intuitive application that provides a workforce management solution. In its efforts to meet expectations of specific industries, Fieldworker helps reduce costs and increase productivity, which will ultimately lead to an improvement in customer service.


Applying our software for scheduling makes it easier to assign tasks and jobs to your workers, who can also better communicate with one another without wasting time with desk visits. There is no need to issue written work orders. You can check what jobs are still unscheduled and simply add them to the calendar. Moreover, Fieldworker allows you to keep track of the actions of your workers. You can monitor their current location and progress in work.

Reduction of operational costs.

By optimizing route planning, combining tasks in close locations.

More service productivity.

An optimal distribution of tasks is possible due to efficient schedule management.

Reduction of telephones and paper consumption.

With this application you doesnt print orders on paper. All the information goes directly to your service technician.

Increase customer satisfaction

More efficient service management results in reduction of working time.


The application provides multifunctional solutions. With Fieldworker it is possible to issue invoices and email them to clients, collect electronic signatures or keep statistics concerning the last period of your business operations. Fieldworker delivers a clear set of benefits that can help develop your business. Using it you are the most likely to boost your bottom line and succeed in long run.


Invoice your clients in the field.


Send notifications about jobs directly on the phone.


Capture clients’ signatures once work has been completed.


Prepare field work reports.


Manage fieldworkers schedules.


Know the exact location of your field workers.


Make a list of utilised materials.


Keep statistics of travelling time and work time.


Attach photos of work that was done in the field.

GPS Tracking

Save fieldworker routes


  • 1 Administrator account
  • 1 Fieldworker account
  • Save drive time
  • Save work time


Per month / Fieldworker account


  • 3 Fieldworker account
  • 3 Dispositor accounts
  • Fieldworker accounts (unlimited)
  • Save drive time
  • Save work time
  • GPS Tracking
  • Save photos
  • Save utilised materials
  • Check your fieldworker localization
  • Generate reports
  • API
  • Integration with other systems

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